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Our PE days are: Thursday and Tuesday

We test spellings on: Fridays

We practise our times tables: Daily

Our daily homework is to read to an adult at home and practise our times tables on TT Rockstars and spellings in order to ensure they make the best possible progress during our time in Year 3.

Additional homework will be set occasionally throughout the year. 

This term our topic is 'Chocolate and the Aztecs'. pdfClick here to find out about the exciting things we have planned.


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To end our topic on chocolate and the Aztecs, we designed and made chocolate bars. During the term we had spent time researching current products on the market and tasting types of chocolate and fillings. Using this research, we decided what kind of chocolate bar we would like to make. We started by melting the chocolate using a hairdryer and then poured it into a chcocolate mould. The final step was adding the fillings that we had chosen in our design. The children really enjoyed this topic and it was great to be able to take home their own creation at the end of the term. 


We were lucky enough to be visited by a local author as part of Book Week . He gave us interesting insight into what it is like to be an author and the techniques he uses when writing his books. We enjoyed doing a workshop with him, which involved using our imagination to do some create writing using 'Thinking Sentences'. 

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To raise money for Sports Relief and to boost awareness for the importance of fitness, we dressed in our sports kits and did various sporting activities throughout the day. We started by running a mile around the outside areas of the school. These areas included the running around the tarmacked playground twice, carefully climbing across the trail play and finally running around the top field. Although tiring, it was a real achievement!

In the afternoon, Year 3 were joined by the coaches from Sport to the Beat. They showed us different ways to be active while moving to music. We began by warming up by doing various aerobic movements to pop music. Then, we took part in different sporting activities such as boxing to the beat, golfing to the beat, tennis to the beat, climbing to the beat and jumping to the beat. We had lots of fun moving our bodies in different ways while keeping in time to the music.

During Year 3’s Open Class, parents and children were set a challenge to design an Aztec headdress. We looked at Aztec patterns and artefacts from the time that gave us inspiration for our own designs. We used feathers, sequins, straws, matchsticks and felt to make our designs colourful and stand out. Well done to everyone, as the finished headdresses look fantastic!


We had fun learning french skipping and plate spinning today. We will be able to use these skills on the playground.



The Happy Puzzle Company came to work with the children in solving Maths puzzles. The children were split into groups and had to work together to solve various logic problems. They had to listen to each other, communicate and articulate their thinking, help each other in completing the problem and think carefully about the possible solution. They practised skills which will be useful in building their resilience and problem solving both in school and out. We greatly enjoyed these activities!


We started World Book Week with reading and listening to a story. Different teachers and staff members within the school chose a story that they enjoy and presented it to the children. The books included 'Captain Underpants', 'Elmer', 'Roald Dahl's Revolting Rhymes', 'The Big Bad Book' and 'Finding Winnie'. After this, the children chose which story they would like to listen to and went to their adult and classroom. It was lovely to see different ages enjoying different stories together!

We were lucky enough to be joined by Santander in a workshop about money, banking and saving. Santander came to educate us on how a bank works and to give us an insight into how we can best save our money. We enjoyed learning key banking terms and completed an activity in managing a budget to design our own bedroom! 

Year 3 will be designing chocolate bars this term as part of our Design and Technology learning. In order to gather inspiration and knowledge, we tasted different types of chocolate which we could use in our own designs. We tried white chocolate with 20% cocoa, milk chocolate with 35% cocoa, dark chocolate with 50% cocoa and a darker chocolate with 85% cocoa. Acting as professionals, we smelt and tasted the different types of chocolate with the purpose of understanding and describing its distinct flavour. We recorded our thoughts and gave each chocolate a rating out of 10. We will be using this research to design our chocolate bars soon!


This term we have been working hard in learning the different parts in ‘The Selfish Ladybird’ play. We have been carefully practicing the different songs, dances and acting parts that the performance involves. Our costumes in the dress rehearsal looked incredible and they really brought the story to life. Well done Year 3 in creating such a brilliant performance!


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To launch our topic this term, Year 3 made Aztec God masks. We examined masks from this period and learnt that the Aztec's made and wore masks in order to decorate the faces of the dead, be worn at important events and to protect them during battles. We also discovered that the Aztects based the designs of their masks on the Gods that they worshiped, one of which was the God of chocolate and knowledge. He was called Quetzalcoatl.


We were inspired by their design so we based our masks on them. We started by paper-mâchéing a balloon to establish the initial shape. Once it had dried, we painted the outside black and created a mosaic design by sticking coloured paper to the surface in different patterns. They look fantastic altogether!



As part of Parliament Week, we were fortunate enough to have an interview with the Speaker in the House of Commons. We asked him questions as a school about his job and role within Parliament.


As part of the week’s events, Year 3 held our own debate where we talked about interesting issues. Such issues discussed included whether we should wear school uniform and if there should be homework. We thought about if we were for or against the issue and then gave reasons as to why we held this point of view. To give our ideas, we had to stand and then the Speaker chose one person to speak at a time. The opposing side then gave their ideas. At the end of the debate it was decided which side gave the most convincing arguement towards the issue.

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Year 3 pretended that we had travelled back in time to become hungry Stone Age people who needed to gather food for their dinner. We visited the Orchard and gathered different fruits ready for a stew that we would cook up later.

To make the stew we carefully cut up the fruits and added them to a hot pan. We added honey to sweeten the mixture.

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Year 3 shared their work from the term about the Stone Age. We shared writing, showed art work and explained all that we had learnt about this facinating period in history. 

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We really enjoyed the Stone Age Workshop in Year 3. Tempus Fugit’s Suzie and Richard came to deliver a series of exciting activities making the Stone Age come alive.

In the morning we learnt about the three different eras of the period: Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. We looked at the timeline of events and studied artefacts. After break, we crushed charcoal and mud with a pestle and mortar. We used the ingredients to recreate Stone Age cave painting. We also looked at drama improvisation with Richard.

After lunch, we watched a performance of Stone Age stories re-told by Suzie. We then completed a drama workshop recreating famous Stone Age historical events.

It was a very busy day full of historical information. Next half –term we will use the facts we learnt today in our History and English work.

As part of our Spanish Day, Year 3 learnt how to dance the Flamenco. We practised the different moves and then performed our dance to the rest of the school. We enjoyed using our hands and feet to express emotion through our dance.

We were very excited today to meet our special visitors from Kenya.

The Masai Warriors performed traditional song and dance routines for us all. We also learnt about what life is like at a school in Kenya. We really enjoyed the performance and some of our class were lucky enough to join in!

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