Welcome to Mrs Beattie's Year 2 Class Page

We do PE on: Monday and Tuesday

Please ensure the children have indoor and outdoor PE kits in school on these days - white t-shirt, blue or black shorts, blue or black jogging bottoms, tracksuit top and trainers.

We test spellings on: Friday

Please return homework sheets on a Friday with both sides completed.

We practise our times tables: Daily

Our daily homework is to read to an adult at home and practise our times tables and spellings in order to ensure they make the best possible progress during their time in Year 2.

Additional homework will be set occasionally throughout the year. This will usually be linked to our topic.

This term our topic is 'Cracking Ideas'. pdfClick here to find out about the exciting things we have planned.



Useful Documents

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pdfPractising Spellings at Home

pdfYear 1 and 2 Common Exception Words          

pdfYear 2 Book List

pdfMeet the Teacher PowerPoint

pdfTopic Homework - Great and Ghastly Events

pdfExtreme Reading Homework

Our theme this term is 'Cracking Ideas'. We have been finding out about the cracking ideas that many inventors have had in the past. Working with a partner, we have been researching interesting facts and information about them. We then wrote fact files thinking carefully about the fearures we should include and how to set it out on the page. We learnt interesting facts about the inventors Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Eddison, Gustav Eiffel and Karl Benz.

This term in school we have launched our new Thrive initiative. To launch Thrive we invited parents and carers into class to complete a carousel of activities with us. We did yoga, made friendship bands, worked collaboratively using Lego and told stories.

We have been learning how to write stories. We took the story Little Red Reding Hood and using a game changed key parts of it, such as where Little Red Riding Hood was going and who the evil character was. Using these twists we then planned our new story on a story mountain, and finally used our plans to write our new tales. We thought they were very funny! We then decided to animate an event from our story. Using the computer program Purple Mash we created a short animation by drawng a sequence of pictures like a comic strip. Each picture showed a charcter changing slightly. When we played the animations they showed characters walking, being followed and being chased.

This week both Year 2 classes joined together and had their Christmas party full of lots of games and dancing. We were also lucky enough to have a special visit from Santa Claus in the afternoon.

After a very busy term learning about different events from the past, we completed our theme today with our landing. Both Year 2 classes worked together to celebrate and share everything we had learnt. In pairs the children designed posters that showed all of their learning from the term - we could remember a lot of facts and information! We then presented the posters to the rest of the children. It has been a very interesting theme and the children have asked many questions during it showing their keen curiosity in the world and history.

After learning how to make felt, we have used this skill to design and make our own fabric using our theme of Great and Ghastly Events as inspiration. We worked with a partner to first choose an event from the past and then created a simple design that showed this event - Great Fire of London, World War Two, the sinking of the Titanic and the first moon landing. Using careful colour choices of the merino wool fibres and the felting techniques (lots of rolling again!) we made pieces of fabric. Scroll to the end of the photographs to see our creations!

In maths we have been cooking up some spells with the help of Winnie the Witch and her potions. In order for the potions to work though we had to find half of all the ingredients first. Nobody turned green or grew a tail though so we think we were accurate with our workings out!

We really enjoyed performing our Christmas concert to the rest of school and then to our parents and carers. We had done so well learning all of our parts and the singing was fantastic!

Whether we are making felt beads or flat fabric, rolling is the name of the game! We have been learning the skill of felting and how to make fabric using wool fibre. By the end of the lesson we had all made a small felt bead and a flat piece of fabric. We were all very proud of our successes, although our biceps were a little achy!


Lights, camera, action! We are very busy learning our lines and parts for this years Year 2 Christmas concert 'Baubles'.

As part of our Great and Ghastly Events theme this term we have been learning about the Great Fire of London. We read extracts from Samuel Pepys' diary and found it really fascinating, although a little tricky to read when it was written in his own handwriting! In small groups we then worked together to create a short roleplay for the events he described.

Thank you to all the parents and carers who joined us for our Open Class. We really enjoyed showng you our work and making dice for the multiplication games!


Thank you to all of the parents who came to the meeting. We hope you found it useful. If you would like to view the PowerPoint presentation from the meeting pdfclick here. It includes the link to the website for sample papers.

We have been learning about significant historical events, including child evacuees during the Second World War. Mr Ray Crewe was evacuated from Newcastle when he was ten years old and went to Penrith for a year. He came to school to tell us about his experiences as a child evacuee. We found it really interesting and had a chance to ask him lots of questions about what he did, what it was like leaving his parents behind, who he lived with in Penrith and what he took with him. Using his expereicnes we then planned and wrote a diary entry about a day in the life of a child evacuee living in the countryside.

During our Orchard Week we completed lots of fun maths challenges in the orchard using our knowledge and skills of shape, number bonds, measures, angles and different recording methods. We had lots of fun looking for right angles, making 2D shapes out of natural objects, estimating and measuring in centimetres and metres, creating number bonds for ten grids and drawing tally charts for objects we found. We also completed an English challenge in the orchard of creating our own 'Alphabetical Outdoor Word Book'. We looked for different nouns around the orchard and recorded them in the books alphabetically. We then added adjectives to descibe the nouns we had found.

Our theme this term is 'Great and Ghastly Events'. To launch our topic we had a delivery of five different time capsules to school. Each time capsule was about a different significant event in history: the first moon landing, World War I and II, the skinking of the Titanic, the Great Fire of London, and Guy Fawkes. In groups we explored the time capsules, recording the objects we found in them, what we think they told us about history, who they might have belonged to and an event we thought they represented. We will be learning about these events over the rest of this term.

In English we have been completing work on the poem 'What is Pink?' by Christine Rossetti. As part of our lessons we worked in small groups to learn the poem and create a performance of it by adding movement and actions. We really enjoyed it and had lots of fun creating imaginative actions. We performed the poems to the rest of the class.

We have continued our art projects this term based on Claude Monet's 'Water Lilies' painting and the colour green. Using the computer program 'Purple Mash' we used the paint option and created our own versions of the painting. In class we had read the story 'Once Upon a Lily Pad' about two frogs falling in love in Monet's garden whilst he was painting and so some of us decided to include the frogs in our paintings too! We have also made clay frogs to sit on painted lily pads and ponds.

As part of our Arts Week work we have begun to explore the colour green and Claude Monet's painting 'Waterlilies'. We have been creating our own version of his painting using collage.

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