mfl 3Foreign Languages promote an interest and curiosity about the wider world and a sense of European/International Identity. Languages raise children’s awareness of being a global citizen. The aims of Foreign Language teaching at Athelstan is to enable all children to:

mfl 1At Athelstan we make Foreign Languages an enjoyable learning experience.  At KS1, children will have access to languages through rhymes and songs.  The opportunities for speaking and listening will develop an awareness of other languages and the use of authentic materials will provide an introduction to different cultures.

At KS2, children will continue to develop their language skills with rhymes and songs and will also be introduced to the written word. They will have weekly timetabled lessons with the class teacher. The content of these sessions is reinforced by the class teacher during the week. They will be able to communicate in Foreign Languages by speaking, listening, reading and writing. Teaching and learning will involve repetition of languages using a variety of methods, including games and role play. The use of ICT is an integral part of Foreign Language teaching; the use of CD ROMs and the internet provide children with a direct insight into other cultures and provides a method of communicating with other countries. 

Throughout their time at Athelstan, children will learn and progress in French.