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Athelstan School is an established provider of high quality education for 3 and 4 year old children. Our Puddles Nursery has undergone exciting and stimulating development and we are proud to boast of our excellent facilities, both indoors and outdoors. Our provision allows children to build on what they already know and to extend their interests. A play based curriculum forms the central part of our teaching and learning methods. We aim to create and maintain a caring and secure, cheerful, rich and stimulating environment in which children’s personal and social skills will develop so that they can become independent learners, responsible for their own actions. We offer both funded and sessional paid provision, including before and after school. If you are interested in our Puddles Nursery please select the admissions tab to download an application form, alternatively you may call the Early Years office and speak to one of our staff who will be happy to provide you with  more information.

We enjoyed looking through our Learning Journey's this week. We talked about some of the experiences we have had during our time in Puddles. 

" I can see me playing with Lego" Jessica said.

I loved making chocolate buns" Rory said.

" I'm outside and inside." Lucas said.

" I can see Christmas. It's Santa." Holly said.

Although a little later than expected, we had a great time on World Book Day. We dressed up as explorers and brought in our favourite book to share with our friends. 

We are so very proud of our own little youtube star Ameila Egerton-Jones. Amelia is a member of our Puddles Nursery and has become a big hit on youtube! Amelia became very interested in asking her mum where rubbish went when it was finished with. Amelia's mum showed her clips on the internet about recycling and land fill. Amelia was fascinated by it and decided she wanted to change things at home. Amelia's mum filmed Amelia talking about her own thoughts on the issue and complied the clips to create a mini video. This was then uploaded to social media and within a week Amelia had 1666 views and a lady from Canada had taken action because of Amelia's video. If you would like to view the clip please click on the link below. 

Put as little rubbish as you can on earth #PassOnPlastic #ZeroWaste


We began this half term with the story Dear Zoo. The children really took to the story and loved our jungle theme which has now lasted all of this half term. We went on to read Walking through the Jungle and Hamilton's Hats. During the term we have made masks, printed using zoo animals, painted pictures of zoo animals, labelled animals, made lists of different animals we might find in a zoo and moved like jungle animals outside. 

We have had a lovely time celebrating Christmas in Puddles. We have made cards, Calendars and decorations. We have had fun dressing up and listening to lots of Christmas stories. We have loved learning lots of new Christmas songs. 

We watched a lovely Christmas production of Christopher's Christmas. 

We helped to raise money for Children in Need by wearing something spotty. We also made spotty biscuits and talked about how and why we were helping others less fortunate. We finished our carpet time by dancing to Pudsey bear's Jump up and Dance song. We all loved moving to the music!


We had a lovely time sharing our learning journeys and playing with our parents during stay and play week. A big thank you to all of the parents who attended. 

We had a lovely time exploring our school orchard. We smelt the herbs growing in the sensory planter, looked in the bug hotels to see what we could find and spotted lots of autumn fruits on the floor and on the trees. We sang autumn songs in the outdoor classroom and looked for creatures in the pond. 

We have been learning about the changes that happen during Autumn. We have explored conkers, observed the leaves falling off the trees, printed with apples and leaves as well as scooping seeds from pumpkins. We have read some lovely autumn stories and we have learnt some new autumn songs. 

We have a lovely start to the year in Puddles. We have welcomed back some familiar faces as well as meeting lots of new children. The class have loved exploring the setting and we have all loved making new friends.

During our work on the story Handa's Surprise we decided to made a delicious fruit salad for all of our friends to eat at snack time. Each day different children helped to prepare a fresh fruit salad for our snack. We all loved peeling, chopping, slicing but best of all...we loved eating the fruit salad!

During our ipad sessions in our setting, the children have had great fun exploring the camera. The children have loved taking photographs of each other and themselves. Here is a very small snap shot of some the fantastic photographs they took!

We have taken part in North Yorkshire's Walk to School Week. We have been talking to the children about the importance of walking to school and ways to keep safe near the road. The children have had a great week and despite the horrible weather lots of our children walked all or part of the way to school at least once in the week. Well done!