Welcome to Athelstan Community Primary School
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Athelstan School is an established provider of high quality education for 3 and 4 year old children. Our Puddles Nursery has undergone exciting and stimulating development and we are proud to boast of our excellent facilities, both indoors and outdoors. Our provision allows children to build on what they already know and to extend their interests. A play based curriculum forms the central part of our teaching and learning methods. We aim to create and maintain a caring and secure, cheerful, rich and stimulating environment in which children’s personal and social skills will develop so that they can become independent learners, responsible for their own actions. We offer both funded and sessional paid provision, including before and after school. If you are interested in our Puddles Nursery please select the admissions tab to download an application form, alternatively you may call the Early Years office and speak to one of our staff who will be happy to provide you with  more information.

The children in Puddles had a wonderful day raising money for Children in Need.  They came dressed up in something spotty for the day, decorated buns, coloured in Pudsey Bear pictures and danced around to Jump Up and Dance.

In Puddles we have been reading the story Owl Babies.  We have been using folks in brown paint to create the birds feathers, developing our fine motor skills by feeding an owl 'worms' in our Funky Fingers activity and we have also been thinking about the number three as the story has three owls in it.

In Puddles we have been celebrating Bonfire Night by thinking about the sounds we hear on Bonfire Night, singing the song Ten Little Fireworks and reading the story of Hovis the Hedgehog.  We have also printed firework pictures using pipe cleaners and made firework shapes using metal pots and pipe cleaners.

We have also been thinking about the festival of Diwali.  The children have listened to the story of Rama and Sita, painted diva lamps, Mehndi hands and firework pictures.  They have also explored lights at the light table and thought about why people call Diwali the Festival of Light.

We have been reading the story of 'The Very Helpful Hedgehog'. The story is about a hedgehog who helps a donkey to eat apples that he could not reach by himself. The hedgehog found that by sticking apples to the spikes on his back meant that his new friend could eat all the apples that he liked. The children have thoroughly enjoyed the story and had lots of fun exploring apples just like the hedgehog in the story. We printed with apples, rolled them down the pipes ouside, painted pictures of them, counted them and described them! We have been very busy. 

As part of our Autumn topic we visited our school orchard to explore signs of Autumn. We had a lovely time and found lots of interesting things! 


We have had fun welcoming back some of our more familiar faces and meeting lots of new children. We are enjoyng gmaking lots of new friends.

We have had fun printing with potato mashers!