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The Raindrops room opens in October 2016, it is a purpose built unit, designed especially for two year old children. Our team of staff will provide high quality play based provision to meet the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) including role play, sand ,water ,construction ,reading ,mark making, and outside play. Our children’s creative and imaginative skills are broadened with well-planned play activities which will develop a knowledge and understanding of the world around them. The room will be well equipped with suitable furniture, equipment and resources. Free flow between areas, including outside, offers children a choice of activities allowing them to engage in learning which is relevant and appropriate to their stage of development. They will be supported by knowledgeable, qualified and appropriately trained adults who will encourage them to further their speech, language and understanding skills. We can offer both funded and sessional paid provision, including before and after school care. Admission for the early year’s class will be determined by the admission policy of the school.

If you are interested in our Raindrops room please select the admissions tab to download an application form, alternatively you may call the Early Years office and speak to one of our staff who will be happy to provide you with more information.

The children in Raindrops enjoyed dressing up as explorers and bringing their favourite story in. 

The children in Raindrops enjoyed playing in the snow together.

We have enjoyed a variety of activities this half term in Raindrops. 

This week we have enjoyed our Christmas party, where we played pass the parcel, had a party snack and showed off our dance moves. 


Raindrops had a special Christmas treat when they went into the hall to watch the pantomime Christopher’s Christmas by the Topsy Turvy Theatre group. We enjoyed the songs and learning some dance moves to help the guinea pigs of Dandeville village save Christmas.



Raindrops loved having a day out of uniform by wearing spots to celebrate Children in Need. They also complete bear themed activities throughout the day. 


In Raindrops we have enjoyed exploring the Autumn season. We have been on Autumn walks around school and visited the school orchard. We loved sharing our Autumn treasure bags that we completed over half term with our friends. The children had a fantastic time getting very hands on exploring the inside of a pumpkin. 

In Raindrops this week we have been making chocolate krispie buns. The children enjoyed pouring the rice krispies into the melted chocolate, mixing them together and then using a spoon to put the mixture into their bun case. They were all very excited about taking them home. 

We have had lots of fun exploring our resources both inside and outside in Raindrops.

We had a special friend come to visit us in Raindrops! We were fascinated by him!


We had lots of fun exploring lots of different media and materials. It was messy but we loved it.

We have had lots of fun playing in our new outdoor area. Look what we have been doing!