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Moving into Sunshine’s (Foundation Stage Two) is an exciting time for both parents and children. We look forward to working together to ensure that your child has a wonderful learning experience and is able to reach their full potential, children can build on their early years and home experiences through a wide variety of well-planned play activities, both inside and outdoors. Learning opportunities are planned around the children's interests, wants and needs. This allows us to provide individualised learning for each child as a result, children are helped to build the firm foundations ready for the next stage of learning.

If you are interested in joining our Sunshine’s class please select the admissions tab to download an application form, alternatively you may call the Early Years office and speak to one of our staff who will be happy to provide you with more information.

It was Early Years Orchard Week this week. We all enjoyed a trip to the Orchard, we looked for and discussed signs of Spring, as well as completing a variety of activities including; bark rubbings, drawings of what they could see, photographing interesting objects and collecting things. We all had a lovely time.

This week we have been reading the Story Alien Tea on Planet Zum-Zee and have been looking at recipes. All the children visited the cookery room this week and followed a recipe to make a cake like the aliens took to the party in the story. It was lots of fun and we loved decorating the buns with sprinkles!

It was World Book Day today. All of Sunshines came dressed as a book character, as well as bringing along their favourite book. We had lots of Peter Rabbits, Superheroes, Cinderella’s and many more fantastic costumes. The children were lucky enough to have the author Damian Harvey read to them. Each child showed the teachers their favourite book and told them why they liked it. We also shared some of the books the children brought in.

Today was Pancake Day, Sunshines celebrated Shrove Tuesday by learning about why it is celebrated as well as having pancake races. The children had the opportunity to eat a pancake with their choice of topping. Each child wrote what pancake they would like, the overall favourite was definitely chocolate spread! 

Sunshiens were lucky enough to enjoy a special Maths afternoon provided by Subject Revolution. The afternoon activities were set around Prince Lumino who had been left in charge of Mathania. He was too lazy to keep the town tidy, so we had to help him get all the numbers and shapes back in order before the queen returned. We helped him tidy by completing 5 different maths activities including; sorting shapes, matching numbers and counting objects. What an exciting afternoon!

This week we have been learning about Chinese New Year. We tasted Chinese food, including prawn crackers, noodles, egg fried rice, sweet and sour sauce and spring rolls. What a lovely morning we had, the noodles and prawn crackers were our favourites!

Sunshines have looked at and thought about the different technology used to take pictures. The children came up with the ideas of i-pads, phones and cameras. We have been learning how to use and experimenting with digital cameras and i-pads and have enjoyed taking pictures of our experiences in Sunshines. 

Sunshines have been learning about hot and cold environments this half term. We have been thinking about the animals that live in hot and cold climates and found out information about them. We discussed the clothes people would wear in the arctic and what kind of clothes someone would wear in Jamaica. We enjoyed dressing up in clothes for different climates as well as creating animal pictures.

We had a brilliant time at the Sunshines Christmas party with some stunning dance moves! We played lots of games and had some delicious party food. Our party day was finished off with a surprise visit from Santa!

Sunshines had lots of fun dressing up and performing their parts in the Christmas production. We had a brilliant turn out with lots of proud parents. Sunshines enjoyed learning and singing the Christmas songs along with actions. 

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This Christmas Sunshines were lucky enough to have a pantomime company come in to school to perform their version of Aladdin. The children had a fantastic time watching the show and joining in with songs and dances. 

Sunshines enjoyed raising money for BBC Children in Need. We learnt about how the money we raised helps others.

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It is Orchard Week in Sunshines. We visited the orchard and discussed what we could see. We found out that not all trees lose their leaves in Autumn/ Winter and learnt the words evergreen and deciduous. Whilst in the orchard we made journey sticks by adding items we found as we walked around. We all had lots of fun!

This half term Sunshines have been thinking about Autumn. We have read ‘The Prickly Hedgehog’ discussing animals that hibernate. Sunshines also observed the changes happening as we transition from Summer to Autumn, mentioning leaves turning brown and the weather getting cooler.
We have also read the story ‘Pumpkin Soup’ which inspire us to learn about recipes and instructions. We made our own pumpkin soup too!

This week the fairies came to visit Sunshines! The fairies needed our help to make their poorly dragon better. We wrote a letter to the fairies with advice on how to help the dragon as well as making a potion for him! The children really enjoyed this week and were eager to write their own letters to the fairies.
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All of Sunshines participated in a tile workshop provided by Clayfever Ceramic Studio Tadcaster this week. We placed our handprint onto a tile which will have our name on and be displayed in school once finished. 

Sunshines have had a lovely week settling into their new classroom, making new friendships and familiarising themselves with the Sunshines team. The staff have enjoyed getting to know all of the new Sunshines children.