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We had so much fun during our trip to Skipton Castle. We had a tour of the castle and explored various rooms such as the kitchen, the banqueting hall and the Lord's bedroom. Our favourite room was the Dungeon. We particularly enjoyed it when our tour guide turned off the lights so we could see what life was really like down there... very cold and very dark! Luckily we were allowed to escape the Dungeon. We enjoyed seeing first hand different parts of the castle that we had already learnt about such as the arrow splits, where the drawbridge was, the portcullis and where the moat used to be. It was a great day!

The theme this year for science week was bees. We were very buzzzzy learning all sorts of things about bees and carrying out lots of practical activities. We enjoyed learning the waggle dance: this is a special dance that bees do to show other bees where they have found a good source of nectar. We searched the school grounds for suitable homes for bees and we made bees out of clay after researching the different parts of the bee.

We also had a special visitor to tell us all about bees and honey. We learnt about the queen bee, other types of bee and what is inside a bee hive. We also learnt lots more interesting facts for example: why bees swarm, what they make, how they transport pollen, how queen bees and Royal jelly are made. The children had the opportunity to see real bees in a bee observation hive, try on bee suits and taste honey. It was very informative and lots of fun!


Today we performed our assembly about bees and our new castle topic. As always the children did a FANTASTIC job. Well done!


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