Athelstan Community Primary School

To Be The Best That We Can Be


“Drama is not simply a subject, but also a method … a learning tool.  Furthermore, it is one of the key ways in which children gain an understanding of themselves and of others.” ( J Neelands.1992.3) “By engaging feelings, knowledge and experience in this dynamic and enjoyable way, creative and imaginative thought is stimulated and confidence and self–esteem enhanced.” ( SOED. 1992.29 )


At Athelstan Community Primary School we recognise the role of Drama in enhancing a range of curricular experiences for our pupils.

Drama should provide all pupils with opportunities:

To reach new understanding and appreciation of self, others and the environment through imaginative dramatic experience.

To explore complex and sometimes difficult attitudes, values and behaviour in a safe, secure environment.

To communicate ideas and feelings through language, expression and movement in real and imaginary contexts. 

To develop confidence and self-esteem in their day to day interaction with others, working individually, in pairs, small and large groups.

To develop sensitivity towards the feelings, opinions and values of others through purposeful interaction.

To develop a range of dramatic skills and techniques, understanding theatre and media.


Facilities and resources.

Classrooms in the Foundation Stage, Key Stage 1 are equipped with role play areas There are two multi-purpose halls and a modern modular stage system with dual sided surfaces. Steps provide the opportunity for split level scenes / assemblies. Staff collect and make props and sets as required to provide the children with an imaginative and professional setting to work and perform in.


High quality scripts for productions are purchased as required and class reading resources contain age related examples of plays.

Staff training needs are identified and developed through INSET and courses provided by outside agencies.

Effective use is also made of connections with other local schools. We regularly have local theatre performances throughout school to promote the importance of drama within the curriculum.


ICT is incorporated through the use of CD and DVD video and audio equipment. This is available for teachers and pupils to facilitate observation of others performing and recording of pupils’ performances for evaluation and enjoyment.