Athelstan Community Primary School

"To be the best that we can be"





At Athelstan we believe that an engaging and motivating Computing curriculum will enable our children to:

  • Use computational thinking and creativity to understand and change the world.
  • Make deep links with mathematics, science and design and technology.
  • Build knowledge of principles of information and computation, how digital systems work, and how to put this knowledge to use through programming.
  • Become digitally literate – able to use, express themselves and develop ideas through information and communication technology.

At Athelstan the Computing programme is implemented using two core documents: The National Curriculum Programme of Study for Computing and the Statutory Framework for Early Years Foundation Stage. We have developed a long term programme with clear progression and coverage addressing expectation for all year groups.


The long term plan follows the key strands: Computer Science (CS), Digital Literacy (DL) and Information Technology (IT). Computer Science aspects are through programming including the use of Espresso, Purplemash, Scratch and Kudo. Information Technology is developed through multimedia and handling data. E-safety is developed through PSHE and, together with the threads of Technology in our Lives and Multimedia, builds the skills and understanding of Digital Literacy.

In Early Years children are taught to build confidence using technology purposefully to support their learning for all Early Learning Goals. Children are able to experience using technology indoors, outdoors and through role-play in both child initiated and teacher –directed time.


Equipment at Athelstan School


At Athelstan we have worked hard to ensure that, through careful budgeting, we have a range of resources to support the delivery of the Computing curriculum, the Early Years Framework and learning across all areas of the National curriculum.  School currently pay subscription for children to access online tools (Espresso, Purplemash, Activelearn, TT Rockstars) both at school and home.

There is a class set available of laptops and we currently have 45 iPads available for use in school. All classes have interactive whiteboards. Teaching staff have iPads which aid planning and assessment through 2Simple.              

The school pays for technical support from NYCC Schools ICT and the technician is responsible for the maintenance of computers, printers, the school network and keeping software up to date. 

Information is shared with the school community through the school website,  newsletters, termly reports and end of year reports.


E-safety at Athelstan

A progressive E-safety curriculum ensures that all pupils are able to develop skills to keep them safe online. E safety is taught as part of the curriculum at the beginning of every new academic year.

  • Opportunities for learning about E-safety are part of PSHE and reinforced whenever technology is used.
  • Clear rules for E-safety are agreed by each class at the beginning of every year.  Parents and pupils sign an acceptable user policy together when a pupil first starts at the school.  The class rules are then signed annually by pupils and shared with parents.
  • The school supports the international Safer Internet Day each February and provides opportunities for pupils to consider cyberbullying as part of Anti-Bullying week.
  • Opportunities are taken whenever possible to reinforce messages of a healthy life style.
  • The school has an E-safety policy in place that details how the principles of E-safety will be promoted and monitored. This can be accessed on the school website
  • Parents are able to access further advice and guidance on the school website including a parents’ guide for using the internet.