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PE Opportunities at Athelstan CP School

PE Provision within the School Day

The curriculum that we deliver in school to all ages from Nursery to year 6 is designed to promote active learning across a range of subject areas. In addition to this all of our children access their 2 hour entitlement of high quality PE teaching, with Key Stage one children acquiring and developing skills in Multi Skills, Dance, Gym, and Games. Key stage two children continue to develop those skills taught in Key stage one but also go on to acquire and develop the skills needed for Athletics, Outdoor Adventure and Swimming.



We often welcome coaches to come into school to work alongside members of staff to enhance their own professional development as well as providing children with further skill development and a motivation and excitement for the sport being taught.


Play Times and Lunchtimes

We provide a variety of equipment at lunchtime and playtime to extend our children’s learning, allowing them plenty of opportunities to practise their sporting skills. Our Sports Crew plan and deliver sporting playground challenges on a half termly basis.We are looking to increase this as their confidence grows. We also have a PE apprentice volunteer as of November 2017 who will lead lunch time activities. We have just begun 4 lunchtime clubs a week with Adam Palmer from Premier Sport. He will be delivering a variety of sporting activties for all year groups in KS1 and 2. We have also launched the Golden Mile club which will run every lunch time. The idea is to get as many children active and involved in exercise as we can every day. Keep looking at our website for more information on this.


Inter School Competitions

We enjoy participating in locally organised sporting competitions within the Tadcaster cluster of Primary Schools. We are aiming to ensure that all children have participated in an inter school sporting event by the time they leave us in Year 6. We feel providing an insight into competitive sport will inspire children to become more involved in sport outside of school.


Intra School Competition

Our children are divided into 4 houses as part of our whole school behaviour policy. We use these houses to inspire competition amongst the children. Each term we hold an intra school competition where a carefully selected team from each house have the opportunity to apply the skills they have learnt in a specific sport as they compete against their peers to win the house trophy. These competitions take place during the school day and have proved very popular with our children.

We also hold an annual sports day  where all children in KS1 and KS2 have the chance to try their best at a range of potted sports, with their scores being added together to determine the winning house.

Our race afternoons also prove popular with our children and parents. Anually the children have the chance to participate in a series of races against their peers.


Provision Outside of the School Day


We provide a range of after school sports clubs for children as young as Nursery right the way up to year 6. Our clubs have a fantastic attendance and prove very popular with all children who attend. The clubs are run by members of our own staff as well as external coaches who come into school specifically to work on sport outside of the curriculum.


Community Links

The Sherburn and Selby area is rich in sporting clubs and expertise and we are proud to have links to several of them. Many of our children attend local clubs outside of school and we are always happy to promote local opportunities to all our children and families.


Celebrating Sport in our School

Each Friday our children are provided with the opportunity to share their sporting success with the rest of the school. Children may bring in certificates, trophies, badges etc and talk about what they have achieved outside of the school curriculum. We also provide time to share sporting successes achieved within the school day.

More recently we have begun to recognise sports stars within our classes each half term. Their success, whether it be excelling in a particular sport or skill taught in school time, demonstrating an excellent attitude throughout the half term or it may even be something that the child has achieved outside of school that deserves recognition. Our sports stars can be seen half termly on the website and on our Sainsbury’s School Games notice board located in the KS2 entrance.


More Information for Parents/Carers

You can keep updated with the latest sporting achievements and news on our PE and Sport Development page. You can also access the links below to find out more information on how to live and promote healthy lifestyle for you and your family.

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