Athelstan Community Primary School

To Be The Best That We Can Be

Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education



Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education  Aims

To encourage values and attitudes such as self respect, caring for others and the environment, politeness and honesty.

To develop personal qualities such as perseverance, self esteem and skills of decision making.

To develop children’s skills such as communication and listening, ability to lead, to work co-operatively and reliability.

To give knowledge necessary for adult life e.g. citizenship, the community the environment, health and moral issues.

To help pupils recognise the importance of beliefs, values and attitudes, and to respect the rights of others who hold different views from their own.

To implement PSHE through the school ethos, day to day organisation, special needs, discipline, pastoral care etc.


The teachers will:


  • Implement a weekly PSHE lesson, which may include circle time, sharing clear learning objectives with the children;
  • Use a range of teaching styles to incorporate direct teaching though whole-class, group/paired and individual work;
  • Use the National Curriculum objectives for PSHE and Citizenship to aid planning;
  • Use the teaching of PSHE to complement topic work using cross-curricular themes.
  • Provide opportunities for children to take part in a variety of school outings and residential visits, which compliment the teaching of PSHE;
  • Use PSHE lessons to reinforce the school’s behaviour policy.


As part of weekly PSHE lessons teachers will: Share clear learning objectives with the children.Over the course of each year, provide opportunities for children to take part in learning for each of the following six areas: Relationships, Health, Citizenship, Growing up, Lifestyle and Safety. Teachers will engage pupils in stimulating activities using a range of resources, including appropriate ICT programs.


In the Foundation Stage teachers will: Provide a variety of teaching and learning experiences to ensure children can further their Personal, Social and Emotional Development, as laid out in the Foundation Stage Curriculum.