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Tutankhamen's Death Mask Pencil Drawings


This afternoon, Year 3 drew a pencil drawing of Tutankhamen’s death mask. In a previous lesson, they learnt how to draw him using step-by-step instructions to ensure they created all the correct shapes and details in his portrait. Today, the children used this learning and a photo of Tutankhamen’s death mask to create their own drawings. They were encouraged to develop their knowledge of the step-by-step process by examining the photo and changing aspects such as the shape of his face and position of his facial features. This made their drawings look more realistic and not as stylized. 

Tutankhamen's Death Mask Drawings Group 1

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Tutankhamen's Death Mask Drawings Group 2

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Tutankhamen's Death Mask Drawings Group 3

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Tutankhamen's Death Mask Drawing Group 4

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Thrive In Year 3


In Year 3 we have been having lots of discussions about our feelings, how our body reacts and how we can manage them. We wrote down what caused certain emotions in an 'Emotion Wheel'. 

Creating Timelines of Egyptian History using Number Ordering


Year 3 used their maths skill of ordering 2- and 3-digit numbers to help them chronologically order events in Ancient Egyptian history. Each event had a 2- or a 3-digit number which helped most children in ordering the given BC dates of the events. Once ordered, the children then created a timeline on a long strip of paper.  

Orchard Week 


As part of Year 3's Orchard Week, we performed some drama pieces that were taken from our focus text in English- The Egyptian Cinderella. For Maths, we also created 2- and 3-digit numbers using a different object found in the Orchard for each place value.