Athelstan Community Primary School

To Be The Best That We Can Be

Religious Education

Subject coordinator: Miss Barker


Religious Education is a life long process of enquiry and development as children become aware of the spiritual dimension of life. They develop their own values, beliefs and attitudes, and extend their knowledge. Our aim is to enable children to begin to develop and understanding of the nature of religions in all areas of life and to understand themselves as people. In this way we hope:



to develop an awareness of the spiritual dimension of life

•    to develop an understanding, empathy, tolerance and sensitivity towards others' 

     faiths, beliefs, religious and non- religious views

•    to have a general knowledge of faiths, Christianity, and other world faiths through

     stories, symbols, celebrations and buildings , recognising common links

•    to encourage children to formulate their own values and to develop a sense of  


•    to explore feelings and emotions, recognising the need for discussion

•    to respect other people's points of view

•    to encourage a caring attitude

•    to give children a sense of belonging - with family, friends, school and community

•    to develop an awareness of others' situations, things that are common in society e.g.

     disability, poverty, homelessness etc.

•    to develop a sensitivity and respect for the environment (feelings of awe and wonder)

We strive to achieve these aims within the context of our school ethos, within the school curriculum, and through Assemblies and Collective Worship


As part of weekly RE lessons teachers will: Share clear learning objectives with the children.Over the course of each academic year, provide opportunities for children to learn about one other of the major world faiths as well as Christianity which will form the majority of the programme of study each year.They will engage pupils in stimulating activities using a range of resources, including appropriate ICT programs.


In the Foundation Stage teachers will: Provide a variety of teaching and learning experiences to ensure children can further their understanding of the world around us, important people and key times in the Christian calendar, in addition they will look at other cultures and faiths as appropriate to the understanding and developmental stage of the children , as laid out in the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum.


Children will be encouraged to: Enjoy and appreciate all aspects of RE and understand exactly what is expected of them during a RE lesson;

 They will contribute to rules drawn up for circle time and the discussion of personal issues