Athelstan Community Primary School

To Be The Best That We Can Be

Uniform Information

For Y1- Y6

  • A polo shirt in either, navy blue, pale blue or white these are available to order from school  with the school crest on (without the crest is fine).
  • Either plain grey or black trousers, long or short 
    • not denim 
    • not leggins
    • not jogging bottoms
  • Or plain grey or black skirt - which should be on or below the knee.
  • Either a royal blue jersey, cardigan or sweatshirt with crest, available from school, or a plain royal blue jersey, cardigan or sweatshirt. 
  • In summer blue/white gingham check dresses or blue/white striped dresses may be worn
  • Sensible flat shoes, trainers or sandals in plain dark colours only.

APC Clothing are our approved uniform suppliers . Please click here for more details 

Uniform / Book Bags/PE Bags and water bottles  can be purchased from school via Parent Pay.
Please see the link below

PE Kit  Y1-Y6


Plain black, navy or white shorts and a plain white T-shirt


in addition to the indoor kit they will need


Trainers (not the shoes they will wear all day) 


    Early Years children (Raindrops, Puddles and Sunshines) have their own uniform.

    In addition in Winter:

    • All children will need their coats, hats and gloves, as they will go outside a lot.

    In addition in Summer:

    • Sun hat
    • sun cream applied before they come to school.

    For all children

    We do not allow children to wear jewellery at school

    • no rings
    • no bracelets
    • no chains/necklaces

    The only exceptions are for religious observance and medical ID bands.


    If a child has pierced ears the earring must be a small unobtrusive plain stud or very small hoop (one that you cannot fit a finger into) . Children have to remove and replace their own earrings for PE/games etc. If your child is unable to do this unaided , please remove them before school , or provide tape to cover the ear. 


    children should not have

    • spiked hair
    • hair gel
    • designs shaved into their hair.

    We encourage children with long hair to have it tied back. Any hair clips, bands , or ties should be simple/discrete and in line with school colours.