Athelstan Community Primary School

To Be The Best That We Can Be


Our Science Coordinator is Miss Slater.





Starting in EYFS, Science at Athelstan will stimulate and inspire children’s natural curiosity about the ever-changing world around them. Staff will teach children a curriculum that prepares them for life in an increasingly scientific and technological world by encouraging them to question and explore. Our science curriculum works on a spiral basis, building up knowledge of concepts over time.  Children will use various science enquiry types as they are encouraged to make links, find explanations and develop their skills to ask relevant scientific questions, guided by their own interests. We will support them to make independent choices about how to explore cause and effect and to work scientifically, giving them a range of resources to use. We will encourage children to behave like scientists where they will understand the application and influence of science to their past, present and future.

Aims of our Science Curriculum


  • Engage children as learners at many levels through linking ideas with practical experience;
  • Help children to learn to question and discuss scientific issues that may affect their own lives;
  • Help children develop, model and evaluate explanations through scientific methods of collecting evidence using critical and creative thought;
  • Show children how major scientific ideas contribute to technological change and how these impacts on improving the quality of our everyday lives;
  • Help children recognise the cultural significance of science and trace its development
  • To increase the child’s knowledge and understanding of the world.
  • To develop attitudes of curiosity, originality, co-operation, perseverance, open mindedness, self-criticism, responsibility and independence in thinking.
  • To enable children to effectively and confidently communicate their scientific predictions and discoveries as they are given the opportunity to observe, describe, illustrate, hypothesise, evaluate and interpret, using appropriate scientific vocabulary.
  • To develop children’ understanding of the effects of their actions on the environment.


Primary Science Quality Mark 

Athelstan school is proud to have  been awarded the Primary Science Quality Mark ,this is the highest Primary Science Quality Mark achievable for its curriculum, provision and teaching of science. 


The Primary Science Quality Mark ™ has the following aims:

  • To raise the profile of science in primary schools
  • To encourage primary schools to increase the range and quality of teaching   and learning in science
  • To recognise, promote and spread good practice in science teaching and   learning
  • To provide a framework for evaluating, planning and developing the quality   of science teaching and learning in primary schools
  • To celebrate a commitment to excellence in science in primary schools



You have already been busy photographing yourselves with science around you! Take a look at these photographs of Finlay enjoying science while on holiday and William and Isobel discovering science at home with a magnetic induction hob. We look forward to seeing more of your selfies!


Here are some useful websites for introducing science activities and discussion at home. Remember to take a photograph of any activities you complete and to upload them to Evidence Me. We love to see and hear about the science that the children complete at home.