Athelstan Community Primary School

"To be the best that we can be"



Watch Puddles singing our Easter song of the week, 'Sleeping Easter Bunny'.


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This week we have been celebrating Easter. We have read the story of 'We're Going on an Egg Hunt'.  The children have thoroughly enjoyed listening to this story, counting how many eggs they find and lifting the flaps on the book to look for the eggs. We have also painted eggs, looked at patterns on Easter eggs for our maths and even had our very own egg hunt outside.  The Easter bunny delivered a very special Easter letter to our Puddles children and had hidden lots of colourful plastic eggs for them to find.  They had great fun!

Puddles have also made Easter crispy buns, they have watched the chocolate turn into melted chocolate and have mixed it together with rice crispies to create their own Easter nests.


This week in Puddles we have been reading the book 'Super Duck' and thinking about superheroes.  We have painted and drawn pictures of superheroes, we have looked at 2D shapes, posted shapes through our shape monsters and spotted shapes outdoors.  The children also celebrated Red Nose Day on Friday and were able to come to Puddles dressed up as a superhero to raise money for the charity.  We all had a fabulous day, we discussed the importance of giving to others and being kind, we made superhero masks, coloured in Red Nose Day pictures and danced to superhero music.



This week in Puddles we have been learning about different occupations and People Who Help Us.  The children have role played doctors and looked after babies, being firefighters and used waster spritzers to squirt water at fire numbers and brushed dirty pretend teeth with toothbrushes.  They have listened to a range of books about People Who Help Us such as firefighters, police and doctors.  The children have drawn emergency vehicles and played People Who Help Us matching games.  



This week in Puddles we have been reading the story of the Big Yellow Digger. The children have enjoyed drawing diggers and thinking about going on journeys.  They have been thinking about the route they take from their house to Puddles and thinking about what they see in the village when they walk through it.  We have been drawing maps of our own and using vocabulary such as left, right, straight ahead, turn.  The children have enjoyed continuing to explore our bikes and scooters outside and we have also learnt some facts about Australia.



This week in Puddles we have been reading the story of the Big Blue Train.  We have listened to the trains adventures and discussed the animals that boarded the train along the way.  The children have enjoyed making their own trains using crates outside, riding our own Puddles blue train and playing train role play in our outdoor Train Station.  The children have also enjoyed painting and drawing trains using a range of different media!



This week in Puddles we have been learning about Chinese New Year.  The children have listened to the Chinese New Year story on Cebeebies, watched dragon dancing and looked at Chinese resources and pictures.  They have also danced with dragon masks, painted dragons and tigers and drawn them on the smart board.   We have also made a class dragon head which our Puddles children used to help them become a dragon and do some dragon dancing themselves. 



This week in Puddles the children have been listening to Saturday Night at the Dinosaur Stomp.  We have been pegging pegs onto dinosaur numbered feet for our Funky Finger activities, painting dinosaurs and using dinosaur feet in paint to print with.  The children have used the interactive white board to draw dinosaurs on and have also enjoyed role playing dinosaurs in our dinosaur cave and small world areas.



This week in Puddles we have read the Gruffalo's Child.  The children have enjoyed role playing with the character masks and exploring small world play with woodland creatures and logs.  We have also continued to paint the characters from the story and cut out and stick tissue paper to Gruffalo masks.  During this week we have also been exploring 2D and 3D shapes. The children have been doing shape hunts both indoors and out, drawing around shapes and make their own shape pictures and 3D shape models.



This week we have been reading The Gruffalo.  The children in Puddles have thoroughly enjoyed listening to the story, finding out about the different characters and singing our snake song of the week. They have also enjoyed watching and listening to The Gruffalo song, they have collaged a large Gruffalo for our display and painted a mouse.  They have used brown, purple and green paint to paint their own Gruffalos and made Gruffalo masks.  We have also been practicing our mark making, the children have used mark making to describe what the Gruffalo looks like and to write a recipe for a Gruffalo Crumble. 



We have been thinking all about Winter in Puddles for the last two weeks.  We have read the story One Winter's Day, which is all about a little hedgehog who gives his warm things away to help his friends.  We have looked at ice and watched what happens to it as it gets warm, we have practiced our cutting skills by making snow flakes from white paper and painted the woodland animals from our story. We were even lucky enough to see actual snow in Puddles!



This week we have been celebrating Christmas in Puddles.  The children have listened to a simple version of The Nativity Story and we are also reading lots of other lovely Christmas stories.  We are singing lots of Christmas songs and enjoying the decorations in our classroom.  The children have enjoyed making Christmas cards and calendars this week. They have also used the Interactive Board to decorate a Christmas tree, decorated our home corner tree, painted Christmas pictures, use Christmas cutters in the play dough area and played Christmas games.  




This week the children in Puddles have enjoyed reading the story of Say Please, Little Bear.  The children have painted bears, used the Interactive Board to draw bears, made bear masks with paper plates and tissue paper and built bear caves in our outdoor area.

We have also celebrated Children in Need.  The children have dressed in something spotty to raise money for Children in Need, they have danced to Jump Up and Dance, listened to our Pudsey Bear story and have enjoyed hunting for Pudsey picture cards in our outdoor area.



This week the children in Puddles have enjoyed a range of creative bonfire activities.

We have explored painting with different mark making tools, created firework effects with paint and a spray water bottle and danced with ribbons to make firework effects in the air.

The children have also built bonfires in our block area, used chalks to draw fireworks and listened to firework sounds at carpet time.


This week we enjoyed visiting the school orchard to look for signs of Autumn. We listened to the story The Very Helpful Hedgehog whilst we were in the orchard and we have had lots of fun painting autumn trees, printing with apples and creating hedgehogs.


In Puddles we have been reading the story Owl Babies. We have been printing using forks in brown paint to create feathers for the owls and using different props to retell the story. We have also been looking at signs of Autumn and sorting different natural objects.


Puddles have enjoyed reading the story Walter’s Wonderful Web and learning about different 2D shapes. We had lots of fun printing with shapes, using shapes to make pictures and looking for shapes in the environment. We enjoyed painting spiders and also created our own giant friendship web which helped us to learn each other’s names.


Puddles have had lots of fun celebrating International Dot Day. We listened to the story The Dot and enjoyed creating our own dot pictures.


We have all had a great time exploring in our indoor and outdoor areas during our first week in Puddles.