Athelstan Community Primary School

To Be The Best That We Can Be




This week we have continued to think about colours and ourselves.  We are really enjoying getting to know each other and learning our Puddles rules and routines.  The children have all enjoyed our story book this week, we have talked about the features of the book, discussed nocturnal animals and identified lots of different colours.  The children have enjoyed looking at flower parts and have had real flowers in the classroom to explore with their senses.  We have also had paint and spaghetti outside to help the children with colour mixing. 


Hurray, it's International Dot Day! Puddles children have celebrated International Dot Day this week and have enjoyed carrying out a range of mark making activities both inside and out.  They have made colourful dots using tissue paper and paints for our Dot Day display (picture to follow) and they have enjoyed drawing pictures, painting, using chalks outside and water and paintbrushes. We have discussed the importance of making a mark and having fun with drawing.  We have also enjoyed the mild start to autumn with lots of outdoor play. 


We have had a wonderful first week in Puddles.  We have really enjoyed meeting our new children and saying hello again to our returning children.  This week we have enjoyed getting to know each other, we have explored our classroom both inside and out and enjoyed learning new names and making new friends.  Our book of the week, Pete the Cat, I Love My White Shoes has helped us to think about colour.  We have sorted colours, painted with different colours and made marks in different coloured paints. 

2021 - 2022


This week we have enjoyed listening to the story Tip Tap Went The Crab.

The children have enjoyed making bubble paint pictures and have been developing their cutting skills by cutting out crabs.  They have also enjoyed spotting numbered shells and choosing the correct amount of real shells to go with the numbers.  The children have made marks on cling film, drawn sea creatures and enjoyed water play this week.


This week we have been enjoying listening to the story My Granny Went to Market.  The children have been thinking about different places they have visited, how families are different and how different traditions are celebrated around the world.  The children have enjoyed making world pictures using cotton wool dipped in paints, they have made worlds during funky fingers with milk bottle tops and have enjoyed looking at pictures from different countries. 

During PE week the children have thoroughly enjoyed taking part in a mini athletics workshop and a balance bike workshop. 


This week we have enjoyed listening to the story of the Big Yellow Digger. We have loved painting diggers and using chalks outside to draw diggers on the floor. The children have also really enjoyed playing in our construction role play area, counting vehicles and matching them to the correct numbers and making large scale vehicles from our crates outside.   We have also enjoyed listening for initial sounds and are trying really hard to hear the syllables in our names. 


This week in Puddles we have been celebrating our differences and the children have all been taking part in a lovely rainbow making activity to help us to understand that we are all different, unique and special.

We have been continuing thinking about journeys and have been reading the book Naughty Bus.  The children have been washing vehicles outside, making vehicles in the play dough and matching vehicles in our funky finger activity, We have also been thinking about one more and one less in our maths activities this week and have been adding people onto our bus and then taking them off again.  


This week we have enjoyed listening to a sing along story, Journey Home From Grandpa's.  We have been thinking about journeys, routes and maps.  We have also been using equipment to move along, following instructions using positional language. We have enjoyed making plastic bottle boats, painting vehicles and digging with diggers in the sand.  The children have also enjoyed listening to other stories about vehicles.  On Friday we had a really hot sunny day, the children enjoyed water play outside to keep them cool. 


This week we have been reading the story of We're Going on a Bear Hunt.  All week the children have been bringing their teddy bears from home into Puddles.  We have had a teddy bears picnic style snack each day and all enjoyed acting out the story.  The children have been thinking about positional language and have enjoyed travelling along our soft play in different ways.  With the lovely sunny weather, we have enjoyed lots of water, sand and mud play outdoors. 


Well what a fabulous week the children have had celebrating the Queen's Platinum Jubilee!

They have listened to the story of The Queen's Hat, looked at and talked about London landmarks, printed with blue and red to make party crowns, coloured in Jubilee placemats and looked at pictures of the Queen as she has grown up.  The children had a fabulous street dance workshop on Thursday, they had to learn a dance routine and perform it at the end, they were amazing! The children also thoroughly enjoyed coming into Puddles on Friday dressed in red, white and blue and enjoyed a street party style lunch on our playground.  What a wonderful week we have all had!

Please click on the link below to watch some of our Puddles children performing their street dance routine.


This week in Puddles we have listened to the story of Dinosaur Department Store.  We have thoroughly enjoyed playing with dinosaurs this week.  The children have washed dirty dinosaurs, printed with dinosaur feet and listened to interesting dinosaur facts. We have also had our Forest School this week.  The children have enjoyed exploring our Orchard area, creating mud pies, journey story sticks and clay print tiles.  The children have really enjoyed looking at tadpoles from our pond and discovering what nature we have on our school site. 


This week we have enjoyed listening to Norman The Slug With A Silly Shell.  The children have enjoyed playing with slime 'gloop' in our outdoor area, creating junk model snails and painting Norman and his shell.  They have also really enjoyed exploring our outdoor area, especially our mud kitchen area where we have spotted lots of different minibeasts.  We have been using chalks to create snail shell spiral patterns and also using ribbons to make circles in the air.  We have looked at 2D and 3D shapes and have been making different shape arrangements. 


This week in Puddles we have been listening to the story of Giraffe's Can't Dance.  The children have been watching giraffe's in the wild online, listening to interesting facts about giraffes and looking at the different patterns on their skin.  We have been creating some lovely play dough giraffes, printing giraffe patterns and creating junk modelling.  Outdoors we have been using paint brushes to find hidden jungle animal footprints and also enjoying exploring the climbing equipment and moving in different ways,


This week we have been reading the story of The Gruffalo.  The children have been listening to the story, helping us to describe the Gruffalo and watching their teachers model writing.  We have been thinking of describing words to describe the Gruffalo, writing recipes for Gruffalo Crumble and writing letters at the mark making table.  The children have enjoyed playing in our sensory tuff tray which has been full of Gruffalo Crumble ingredients. They have also been matching numerals with the correct amounts for our maths activity this week. We have enjoyed playing games together and our new Puddles children have settled in beautifully. 


This week in Puddles we have been reading a range of Easter story books and listening to Easter poetry.  The children have enjoyed exploring our Easter tuff tray, listening to Easter stories and matching the correct number of Easter eggs to the numeral.  The children have all enjoyed making crispy buns this week.  They have watched the chocolate melt, stirred it into rice pops and spooned it into their bun cases.  We discussed what happens to chocolate when it gets heated and all enjoyed sprinkling crushed mini eggs onto the top.


This week we have continued to look at non-fiction books about teeth.  We have discussed what we need to do to look after our teeth and we have even conducted an experiment with eggs, juice and water.  We submerged one egg in water and one egg in sugary orange juice and we watched to see what effects it had on the egg shell.  Very quickly, the egg shell in the orange juice began to discolour.  

The boys and girls in Puddles have enjoyed exploring colour mixing this week, we have been using powder paints, pallets and brushes to mix our colours correctly and see which colours can be made.  The children in Puddles have also enjoyed taking part in their sponsored toddle around our school field. 


This week we have enjoyed looking at a range of non-fiction books focusing on exercise.  We have looked at the features of a non-fiction book, including front and back covers, spine, title, contents page, index and page numbers.  We have discussed how we can use non-fiction books to find out real information.  The children have enjoyed learning about having a healthy lifestyle.  They have all enjoyed taking part in the Peppa Pig Movement Challenge and have also enjoyed our large soft play equipment.  We have discussed what we can do to keep ourselves healthy and look after our bodies. 



This week we have enjoyed listening to the story of Oliver's Vegetables.  The children have explored the vegetables from the story in our sensory tuff tray.  They have enjoyed opening sugar snap peas for their funky finger activity and also learnt the days of the week.  We have also started planting our own cress seeds to make Cress Heads and have enjoyed learning about what plants need to grow.

On Friday the children who attended Puddles got to come in their own clothes to raise money for Comic Relief.  We had lots of fun. 



This week we have read the story of Handa's Surprise.  The children have enjoyed printing with oranges and eating lots of tangerines just like in the story. We have also been thinking about routes and directions and going on a journey just like Handa.  The children also had a very special visit on Monday from the Yorkshire Rotters.  They road a special bike that also made a healthy smoothie at the same time and the children also got to make their own wormery.  

Puddles have enjoyed some sunny afternoons this week and have really enjoyed exploring the climbing mound and tunnel.


What an exciting first week back we've had in Puddles.  We've celebrated both Pancake Day and World Book Day this week.

The children who attended Puddles on Tuesday got to enjoy \Mrs Hudson cooking up some pancakes and we've enjoyed finding out what the children like to eat on their pancakes all week.  On Thursday the children came dressed in their pyjamas for our bedtime story theme for World Book Day.  We enjoyed sharing the children's favourite stories all day.

We have also enjoyed listening to the story Mr Wolf's Pancakes, we have discussed how important it is to be a good friend and be kind. 


This week in Puddles we have been reading the story of Walter's Wonderful Web.  We have continued to think about 2D shapes and have made our own shape printing paintings.  We have also thought about been determined and talked about what that means.  We have enjoyed subitising this week in maths and have been looking at objects 1 to 5 and seeing if we can subitise the amount (this means seeing the amount straight away and not counting).  This week has also been Science Week in school.  We have focused on bees as a school, in Puddles the children have enjoyed learning bee facts and looking at pictures of honeybees and their honey making environment.  The children have enjoyed making bee collages using tissue paper. 


This week we have been enjoying listening to the story The Perfect Fit, it's all about a triangle who doesn't feel like she fits in with the other shapes.  But when she eventually does find the triangles just like her, she realises it is fun to have friends who are different.  We have talked lots about our differences this week and what makes us special.  We have also been looking at the names and properties of 2D shapes and making pictures and patterns with them.  We have been enjoying exploring outside, drawing shapes and using subitising as a way of recognising how many objects there are. 


'I'm zipping zooming Zoe, the greatest gymnast of all'! This week we have been reading a story all about a little girl called Zoe, she is a gymnast.  The book uses positional language to describe how Zoe moves in her gym lessons.  She goes up, under, over, high, low, long and short.

We have enjoyed focusing on positional language this week, the children have been making towers and telling us, using positional language, how they have built them. We have also used the play apparatus outside to climb on and off, go through, over and under.


This week we have been reading the story of the Smartest Giant in Town.  We have really enjoyed making crowns and decorating them with 2D shapes.  We have also retold the story using our tuff tray activity and looked at measuring things to see how tall they are. 

The children have enjoyed joining in the the phrases from the story and picking out rhyming words.

We have really enjoyed using chalks to mark make outside with and have explored subitising in our maths area.  We have also been developing our physical skills further with lots of opportunities to ride the scooters and balance bikes. 


This week we have continued to read the story Ridiculous, we have also listened to some winter poetry and listened to a fact file about hibernating.  The children have learnt what types of animals hibernate for the winter and what they do and need to stay warm.  We have made paper plate tortoises this week and printed tortoise patterns onto paper tortoise shapes.  We have explored sorting with natural materials in the maths area and have also been exploring shaving foam in our sensory tuff tray. 


We would like to welcome all our children, both returning and new to Puddles and wish all of our families a very happy new year.  We have really enjoyed settling back into Puddles and introducing our new children to our other Puddles children and staff.  We have enjoyed listening to all of their exciting Christmas news.  This week we have started our new topic, Pattern and Shape in Winter.  We have been reading a story book called Ridiculous, a story about a tortoise that wants to go out in winter.  We have even seen some small snow flakes from our window and have enjoyed watching our icy playground melt.  We have even had ice inside to watch what happens to it as it warms up. 



What a fabulous three weeks we've had celebrating Christmas in Puddles. We have listened to the Christmas story and discussed how we each celebrate Christmas.  We have ordered and sequenced pictures of the Christmas story. We have looked at lots of pattern and size in maths, ordering different sized Santa's and Christmas trees, looking at patterned Christmas wrapping paper and making our own repeating patterns.  The children have also enjoyed making Christmas cards, calendars and Christmas stockings.  We have written letters to Santa, Christmas cards and decorated baubles.  We have also read a range of Christmas stories and sang lots of Christmas songs. Puddles have really enjoyed Christmas Jumper Day, their Christmas dinner and their Christmas party, we even had a visit from Santa himself. 


This week we have taken part in World Nursery Rhyme week.  We always love to sing nursery rhymes in Puddles but we have sung even more this week.  We have sang all of our favourite songs, taken part in creative spider activities and spider funky fingers.  We have listened to nursery rhymes sung in different languages such as Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in Japanese and leant how to say hello in different languages too. 

On Friday the children took part in Children in Need.  They wore non-school uniform, dressed as Pudsey Bear or wore something yellow or spotty and brought a pound to raise money for the charity. We also decorated spotty biscuits to help us to celebrate.


This week the children in Puddles have been reading the story Owl Babies.  They have explored conkers, pine cones and sticks whilst making owls nests, they have painted using forks for the owls feathers and they have retold the story using our owl baby teddies. 

They have also been subitising using conkers, this is where they can see a small group of objects up to three and know it is three without counting. 


This week we have read the story of Leaf Man. We have started thinking a little more about Autumn and how the world around us changes from each season.  We have enjoyed rolling conkers down tubes and guttering in our outdoor area, we have made our own leaf men and looked at how leaves fall and move in the wind.  We have looked at size and compared the size of a pumpkin, squash, carrot, cabbage and potato.  We have also done some leaf printing in our painting area.

Puddles have had a super half term. We wish all of our families a wonderful half term holiday. 


This week we have read The Lion Inside to our Puddles children.  We have thought about what makes us brave and when have we had to be brave.  We have also been learning about the parts of a book, front cover, back cover, blurb and spine.  The children have been pointing out the features of books throughout the week.

We have been making some super lions of our very own (keep checking our page for our display photograph). The children have also been thinking about sorting in maths.  We have been using natural objects such as conkers, leaves, acorns, sticks and pine cones to sort by colour and textures, such as smooth, rough, shiny and dull. 


This week in Puddles we have read the book Super Duper You.  We have been focusing on what makes us special and how we all have different feelings.  In class we have been drawing and collaging paper plate faces, making feelings faces for our Funky Finger activity and also discussing emotions during carpet time.  We have also been looking at rectangles and patterns as the pages in the book are illustrated with lots of lovely patterns.  The children have been using foam sand to draw their own patterns in.  We have also enjoyed the lovely warm weather this week and have explored our digging area. 


This week in Puddles we have read the story of The Little Green Hen.  This story tells the tale of a little green hen who lives in an apple tree, the hen asked some other animals to help her tend to the tree.  Some of the animals say yes and others say no.   One day the rain comes and it soon turns into a flood, the animals that helped the little green hen all have somewhere dry to shelter, the tree.  The other animals ask for help from the hen and she offers them shelter too.  In the end all of the animals work together to tend to the tree and plant new seeds, they soon have an orchard to care for.  This week we have spoken lots about friendship and kindness in Puddles.  We are looking out for lovely friendly behaviours and kindness throughout the day.  This week the children have printed with apples, played in corn flour apple gloop and made transient art with dried apples, conkers and leaves.  We have also been exploring conkers in our Funky Finger activities. 

We would also like to share two of our displays with you this week, you can see our Dot Day display full of the children 's Dot Day art work and our Puddles Splash of Art gallery which we use as a working wall to fill with different art from the children. 


This week in Puddles we have been continuing to think about colour and have enjoyed listening to the story of Wow Said The Owl.  We have focused on the words Fluffy and Floated as our words of the week and we have been saying them in different sentences. The children have used colour to make towers, explored our colour tuff tray, made rainbow patterns in our Funky Finger activities and created flowers collages using real flowers.  We have also continued to develop our friendships and learn our new Puddles routines. 


This week in Puddles we have focused on the story of The Dot.  The Dot celebrates a little girl called Vashti as she gains her confidence with making marks and drawing.  Encouraged by her teacher, Vashti realises that any marks she makes are important and special.  The children in Puddles have made their marks this week using different medias, they have used pencil colours, crayons and pained with different circle shapes to create our wonderful Dot Day display board. We have also continued to develop our relationships, friendships and new class routines with our children in this week.


This week we have really enjoyed welcoming our returning Puddles children and new children to our nursery.  This week we have read the story of Pete The Cat and we have done lots of lovely activities with colour. We have painted with different colours both indoors and out, we have played with different coloured play dough and sorted objects into colours.  We have also enjoyed settling in activities and getting to know each other activities such as playing with our parachute. We have also enjoyed a very sunny week and the Puddles children have enjoyed playing with our new Puddles water wall.


Puddles have enjoyed their last week of learning about Minibeasts.  We have focused on non-fiction books this week.  We have talked about where we can get information from, looked at the features of a non-fiction book and compared it to a fiction book.  The children have enjoyed spotting minibeasts in our outdoor area, they have drawn a range of minibeasts using different media and even had a visit from some giant snails.



Puddles children say goodbye to our butterflies.

Still image for this video


This week we have really enjoyed listening to the rhyming words in our story Twist and Hop Minibeast Bop.

We have suggested other words that rhyme and clapped when we heard the rhyming words in the story.  We have also been using tissue paper to collage minibeasts and have used cotton buds dipped in paint to create paint patterns.

In the warmer weather the Puddles children have been enjoying exploring water play.  They have made water shoots using pipes and pipe holder and have been pouring the water down to see where it comes out of. 

We have had a very exiting week as our butterflies emerged at the end of last week and over the weekend.  The children in Puddles on Monday got to say bye to our butterflies and watched as they were released into the world. 


This week we have read the lovely story of The Very Greedy Bee.  We have enjoyed watching videos of how bees collect nectar to make honey and how they travel back and forth from their beehive.  We have painted bees, made collage bees using yellow and black tissue paper and made playdough bees. Our Puddles children have been very busy bees themselves!

We have also continued to observe our caterpillars and we have been very lucky to have seen two butterflies at the end of the week.  


This week in Puddles we have been very excited to have our very own caterpillars arrive.  We are going to watch them as they eat the food from inside their container and see how they grow! Keep watching for updates on our caterpillars.

This week we have enjoyed reading the story book of The Crunching Munching Caterpillar.  They children have been making caterpillars of their own by using circle shapes to make the caterpillars body.  The children have also been thinking about repeating patterns and have made some lovely repeating patterns with our large colourful multilink blocks. We have also been threading leaves for our Funky Finger activity.  


This week in Puddles we have finished our pirate topic with a book called We're Going on a Treasure Hunt.  We have enjoyed meeting the animals in the story, looking at the lift and flap pictures and finding the ten golden coins.  We have concentrated on developing our physical skills this week and have used large boxes to mark make on outside, created obstacles and used our large soft play equipment.  We have also been digging in the sand and practicing our cutting skills.  


This week in Puddles we have been thinking about pirates and treasure.   We have read the story of Zoe and Beans Pirate Treasure and enjoyed going on treasure hunts in and around Puddles. The children were very excited on Monday to discover our large outdoor sandpit full of new sand and shiny golden coins. They enjoyed digging for the coins and collecting them. We have also enjoyed role playing pirates, drawing our own treasure maps and discussing routes and familiar places. The children have also made glistening sequin treasure chests for our creative task. 


This week we have continued our under the sea theme and have read the story Bright Stanley.  The children have really enjoyed this story and have created little golden fish just like Bright Stanley.  They have used shiny gold paper to collage their own Bright Stanley fish.  We have also been developing our finger muscles by pegging pegs onto lobsters and creating seaweed by using pipe cleaners and upside down sieves.  The boys and girls have loved our under the sea stories and they have used a range of media to create some sea themed art work.  You can see from the picture of our display how much effort and enjoyment the children have put into their creations.  We have also been thinking about heavy and light and the children have been weighting objects in our weighing scales.




This week in Puddles we have continued with our sea theme and have read the story book 'Silly Sea'.  The book talks about different sea creatures such as an humpbacked whale, an octopus and a lobster.  We have talked lots about the different sea creatures and what they look like.  The children have enjoyed making paper plate octopuses, using chalks outside to draw fish and moving like a fish in the sea.  Also, we have played in our new Puddles outdoor stage area, painted, played in the sand and water and enjoyed developing our physical skills outside. 


This week the children in Puddles have enjoyed listening to the story Barry the Fish with Fingers.  They have also enjoyed singing the Five Little Fishes Song.  The children have loved drawing Barry and have used different media to do this.  They have used chalks on the outdoor floor, drawn Barry on the Interactive White Board and painted him.  They have also used bubble wrap in paint to create bubble effects on starfish.  We have also collaged starfish using different coloured tissue paper.  The children have also been sequencing the events of planting their sunflower seeds for our maths this week and we are all enjoying singing nursery rhymes and playing listening games in phonics. 


This week in Puddles the children have enjoyed learning all about Spring.  We have listened to our story Rabbit's Spring Adventure and sang our Spring song.  The children have enjoyed exploring our grassy area outdoors and have had fun in our mud kitchen area.  They have also enjoyed painting spring pictures and they have created blossom pictures with pink paint and pink tissue paper. We have also started planting our very own sunflower seeds. We have learnt what a flower needs to grow and will enjoy watching them over the coming weeks to see if we can spot any signs of our sunflowers growing. 


Watch Puddles singing our Easter song of the week, 'Sleeping Easter Bunny'.


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This week we have been celebrating Easter. We have read the story of 'We're Going on an Egg Hunt'.  The children have thoroughly enjoyed listening to this story, counting how many eggs they find and lifting the flaps on the book to look for the eggs. We have also painted eggs, looked at patterns on Easter eggs for our maths and even had our very own egg hunt outside.  The Easter bunny delivered a very special Easter letter to our Puddles children and had hidden lots of colourful plastic eggs for them to find.  They had great fun!

Puddles have also made Easter crispy buns, they have watched the chocolate turn into melted chocolate and have mixed it together with rice crispies to create their own Easter nests.


This week in Puddles we have been reading the book 'Super Duck' and thinking about superheroes.  We have painted and drawn pictures of superheroes, we have looked at 2D shapes, posted shapes through our shape monsters and spotted shapes outdoors.  The children also celebrated Red Nose Day on Friday and were able to come to Puddles dressed up as a superhero to raise money for the charity.  We all had a fabulous day, we discussed the importance of giving to others and being kind, we made superhero masks, coloured in Red Nose Day pictures and danced to superhero music.



This week in Puddles we have been learning about different occupations and People Who Help Us.  The children have role played doctors and looked after babies, being firefighters and used waster spritzers to squirt water at fire numbers and brushed dirty pretend teeth with toothbrushes.  They have listened to a range of books about People Who Help Us such as firefighters, police and doctors.  The children have drawn emergency vehicles and played People Who Help Us matching games.  



This week in Puddles we have been reading the story of the Big Yellow Digger. The children have enjoyed drawing diggers and thinking about going on journeys.  They have been thinking about the route they take from their house to Puddles and thinking about what they see in the village when they walk through it.  We have been drawing maps of our own and using vocabulary such as left, right, straight ahead, turn.  The children have enjoyed continuing to explore our bikes and scooters outside and we have also learnt some facts about Australia.



This week in Puddles we have been reading the story of the Big Blue Train.  We have listened to the trains adventures and discussed the animals that boarded the train along the way.  The children have enjoyed making their own trains using crates outside, riding our own Puddles blue train and playing train role play in our outdoor Train Station.  The children have also enjoyed painting and drawing trains using a range of different media!



This week in Puddles we have been learning about Chinese New Year.  The children have listened to the Chinese New Year story on Cebeebies, watched dragon dancing and looked at Chinese resources and pictures.  They have also danced with dragon masks, painted dragons and tigers and drawn them on the smart board.   We have also made a class dragon head which our Puddles children used to help them become a dragon and do some dragon dancing themselves. 



This week in Puddles the children have been listening to Saturday Night at the Dinosaur Stomp.  We have been pegging pegs onto dinosaur numbered feet for our Funky Finger activities, painting dinosaurs and using dinosaur feet in paint to print with.  The children have used the interactive white board to draw dinosaurs on and have also enjoyed role playing dinosaurs in our dinosaur cave and small world areas.



This week in Puddles we have read the Gruffalo's Child.  The children have enjoyed role playing with the character masks and exploring small world play with woodland creatures and logs.  We have also continued to paint the characters from the story and cut out and stick tissue paper to Gruffalo masks.  During this week we have also been exploring 2D and 3D shapes. The children have been doing shape hunts both indoors and out, drawing around shapes and make their own shape pictures and 3D shape models.



This week we have been reading The Gruffalo.  The children in Puddles have thoroughly enjoyed listening to the story, finding out about the different characters and singing our snake song of the week. They have also enjoyed watching and listening to The Gruffalo song, they have collaged a large Gruffalo for our display and painted a mouse.  They have used brown, purple and green paint to paint their own Gruffalos and made Gruffalo masks.  We have also been practicing our mark making, the children have used mark making to describe what the Gruffalo looks like and to write a recipe for a Gruffalo Crumble. 



We have been thinking all about Winter in Puddles for the last two weeks.  We have read the story One Winter's Day, which is all about a little hedgehog who gives his warm things away to help his friends.  We have looked at ice and watched what happens to it as it gets warm, we have practiced our cutting skills by making snow flakes from white paper and painted the woodland animals from our story. We were even lucky enough to see actual snow in Puddles!



This week we have been celebrating Christmas in Puddles.  The children have listened to a simple version of The Nativity Story and we are also reading lots of other lovely Christmas stories.  We are singing lots of Christmas songs and enjoying the decorations in our classroom.  The children have enjoyed making Christmas cards and calendars this week. They have also used the Interactive Board to decorate a Christmas tree, decorated our home corner tree, painted Christmas pictures, use Christmas cutters in the play dough area and played Christmas games.  




This week the children in Puddles have enjoyed reading the story of Say Please, Little Bear.  The children have painted bears, used the Interactive Board to draw bears, made bear masks with paper plates and tissue paper and built bear caves in our outdoor area.

We have also celebrated Children in Need.  The children have dressed in something spotty to raise money for Children in Need, they have danced to Jump Up and Dance, listened to our Pudsey Bear story and have enjoyed hunting for Pudsey picture cards in our outdoor area.



This week the children in Puddles have enjoyed a range of creative bonfire activities.

We have explored painting with different mark making tools, created firework effects with paint and a spray water bottle and danced with ribbons to make firework effects in the air.

The children have also built bonfires in our block area, used chalks to draw fireworks and listened to firework sounds at carpet time.


This week we enjoyed visiting the school orchard to look for signs of Autumn. We listened to the story The Very Helpful Hedgehog whilst we were in the orchard and we have had lots of fun painting autumn trees, printing with apples and creating hedgehogs.


In Puddles we have been reading the story Owl Babies. We have been printing using forks in brown paint to create feathers for the owls and using different props to retell the story. We have also been looking at signs of Autumn and sorting different natural objects.


Puddles have enjoyed reading the story Walter’s Wonderful Web and learning about different 2D shapes. We had lots of fun printing with shapes, using shapes to make pictures and looking for shapes in the environment. We enjoyed painting spiders and also created our own giant friendship web which helped us to learn each other’s names.


Puddles have had lots of fun celebrating International Dot Day. We listened to the story The Dot and enjoyed creating our own dot pictures.


We have all had a great time exploring in our indoor and outdoor areas during our first week in Puddles.