Athelstan Community Primary School

"To be the best that we can be"


Big Bear, Small Mouse

This week in Raindrops we have been reading the story Big Bear, Small Mouse. The Children have enjoyed painting bears and mice using different materials including sponge rollers. They have also enjoyed making big and small towers both indoors and outdoors.

Our First Two Weeks in Raindrops – September 2021



We have had a great time exploring both indoors and outdoors as well as making new friends.

Forest School

The children in Raindrops have enjoyed their forest school experience. We had a great time making butterflies and bees, swinging on the tree swing and finding the hidden rabbit hats that were placed around the school orchard.

Teddy Bears Picnic

We have loved having our Teddy Bears Picnic outside, making bear biscuits, sharing pictures from home of our teddy bears and using a range of mark making tools to create our bears. 

Mini Beasts

The children have enjoyed exploring mini beasts as we have been on a mini beast hunt, made butterflies, bees, caterpillars and flowers for our school display and role played with a range of mini beasts masks. 

                We're Going on a Bear Hunt              
The children in Raindrops have created their own version of We're Going on a Bear Hunt. 
The children in Raindrops have loved this story. They have completed a range of activities as apart of this theme and it has been great to see the children at home joining in too.
                          Snow Day                                
We were so excited to see the snow covering the Raindrops playground that we had to get our coats, wellies, hats, gloves and scarfs on and go out and explore. We loved listening to the sound it made, making our marks with sticks and trying to catch the falling snow in our hands. 

Christmas begins in Raindrops

The children have enjoyed lots of Christmas activities this week especially decorating the Christmas tree and making wonderful surprises for their Mummies and Daddies.

                 Christmas Continues

We have had lots of fun throughout December. We have made Christmas Trees, had our Christmas dinner, worn our Christmas jumpers and danced to lots of Christmas songs.

                    Nursery Rhyme Week

The children in Raindrops have really enjoyed taking part in Nursery Rhyme Week. We have add marks to our buses, created stars in our play dough, chased a mouse up the clock, created our own farm and made our dollies better by giving them medicine. 

Children in Need

We have loved painting Pudsey Bear pictures, dancing with Pudsey on the interactive whiteboard and wearing our spotty clothes in Raindrops today.

We love to make our marks

The children in Raindrops are developing their mark making skills as they explore a range of media and materials to make their marks. 


We have loved collecting our Autumn treasures and making pictures from the treasures that we had found.


We visited the school orchard as we talked about the seasonal changes that we could see, found some wooden animals and explored our orchard with interest.

Baking Rabbit Biscuits


The children in Raindrops have enjoyed baking Rabbit biscuits this week. They were so excited to show their Mummies and Daddies what they had made. 


Our first few weeks in Raindrops


We have had a great time in Raindrops settling our children in and welcoming some in new faces. All the children have enjoyed exploring the indoor and outdoor environment.