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Welcome to the Sunshines

2021-2022 Gallery


Keep looking out for all of the exciting learning that is taking place in Sunshines this year.

Our Classroom Displays



As part of our Maths work we have been looking at repeating pattern. The children in Sunshines have loved this and had lots of fun creating their own patterns using sticklebricks, cubes, bears, felt tip pens and printing. We have looked at 2 step and 3 step repeating patterns and tried hard to correct mistakes in patterns.


Black History Month


Sunshines looked at the artist Alma Thomas and her picture 'The Eclipse'. We looked at the skill of tearing paper to recreate her famous picture. We learnt about the life of Alma and looked at some of her other work.





We had lots of fun reading the story of Supertato! We printed with mashers, used tweezers to pick up the Evil Pea and retold the story using puppets.


The Colour Monster


This week we have been reading the story, The Colour Monster. We have talked about the different feelings that the monster has throughout the story. We have then discussed when we might feel happy, sad, angry, scared and calm. We have enjoyed making our own monsters from playdough, junk modelling and painting. We have explored colour mixing and retold the story with our friends using the Colour Monster story stones and puppets.

Phonics Time! Sunshines have started learning the phonemes s,a,t,p,i,n

Our First Week in Sunshines

Sunshines Classroom 

We wanted to share with you some of the lovely displays that we have in our classroom. We are so proud of how hard the children in Sunshines are working.

Never Tickle a Tiger


We have enjoyed read the story, Never Tickle a Tiger. We thought the main character Izzy was very funny. The story inspired some some creative activities. 


What The Ladybird Heard

We have loved reading the story 'What the Ladybird Heard'. We have painted pictures of ladybirds, written sentences about the story, looked at the lifecycle of a ladybird and found out lots of interesting facts.



We have enjoyed reading the story 'The Frog Prince' and an Aboriginal story called Tiddalick. We explored the lifecycle of a frog and have written sentences, painted pictures and looked at aboriginal art. 


Multi Skills PE Sessions

Sunshines loved their first week of Multi Skills with Premier Sport. They learnt lots of new games and had lots of fun in the sunshine. The bean game was a favourite! We enjoyed playing this back in our outdoor area. 



Forest School Days- April 2021

We had the best time in our school orchard learning lots of new skills during our forest school days with Sally. We learnt to use a vegetable peeler, tie knots, get in a hammock. We played on the swing, hunted for minibeasts, made our own stick wands and hunted for woollen hats! 


Miss O'Neill

We would like to welcome Miss O'Neill to Sunshines. She will be joining us between now and Easter as part of her teaching placement. Miss O'Neill will be posting some learning videos for you to watch at home. Miss O'Neill  is very excited to get to know you all. 


Sunshines Christmas Sing along 2020

We hope that you enjoy watching a short singing performance from the children in Sunshines. We have chosen a selection of some of our favourite Christmas songs to share with you. The children tried really hard, we were so proud of them all. 


Merry Christmas


 Christmas Dinner Day! 


Sunshines enjoyed their Christmas dinner!


Christmas In Sunshines

We have enjoyed taking part in lots of different Christmas activities. 


Elf on the Shelf

We had a surprise visit from two Elves sent from Santa in the North Pole. Our job is to name them and hope that they don't cause too much mischief! We have named one Elf Buddy and one Elf Teeny. They are already being very cheeky! 


                  Purple Party   


We finished our Space themed topic with a Purple Party. We helped Janet and Bill (Smed's and Smoo's) celebrate the birth of Baby Smoo-Smed. We made purple alien badges which we cut out to practise our scissor skills and mixed our own red and blue powder paint to make purple. We played games, ate jam sandwiches that we had followed instructions to make and had purple juice! It was lots of fun.

                           Balance Bikes                             

We had great fun practising our balancing skills on the balance bikes and scooters!

 Children in Need

Sunshines children went spotty for Children in Need. We had lots of fun wearing our spotty clothes and taking part in lots of different Pudsey bear activities. 


Space Landing!

Today we received a letter from two aliens named Janet and Bill. They needed our help. Janet and Bill had crash landed on our playground. We carefully followed a map to find where their spaceship had landed. We looked for clues to determine where the spaceship was and searched hard to find their missing belongings. We found sleeping bags, T shirts, parts of a rocket, slime, bowls and moon rock. We are excited to find out more about Janet and Bill in the coming weeks. It was certainly an eventful start to our week! We are so proud to hear that some of the Sunshines children have continued their space excitement at home!

Diwali and Bonfire Night Celebrations

Sunshines have enjoyed finding out about Diwali and learning all about Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot. We have made firework pictures using cotton buds and paint, painted Mendi patterns on hands, created chalk firework patterns outside and retold the story of Rama and Sita using the Diwali puppets.

Orchard Visit


We had a lovely time exploring our school orchard for Autumn treasures! 


We have really enjoyed reading the story of Funnybones and The Pet shop. The children have acted out the story, measured skeletons using cubes, labelled the different parts of the body and learnt the song and dance 'Dem Bones'. All of the Sunshines teachers are so proud of their lovely work.


We have enjoyed reading lots of different Elmer stories as part of our Magical Me theme. We have talked about similiarties and differences between ourselves and others. We have thought about the reasons we are special and unique. We have enjoyed joining in with lots of different Elmer activities in our provision areas.

Magical Me

We enjoyed using the mirror to look carefully at ourselves before using black pen to draw what we could see!

Our First Week in Sunshines- September 2020

We have had great time exploring our new classroom and making lots of friends.