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E-Safety at Athelstan



E-safety is an important part of our safeguarding at Athelstan School. The Internet is part of our everyday lives and is opening up opportunities for teaching and learning to everyone. However, at times, the internet can be misused and this can lead to upset.


Throughout the year we regularly address internet safety at Athelstan school. During the first term, all children look at E-safety appropriate for their age group. Teachers follow the See-Byte scheme and focus on: keeping personal details private, consideration of who you are talking to online and making sure a trusted adult knows what you are doing online.  Below are images of the children’s work during the Autumn Term.


In the spring term, we take part in the Internet safety Day which is in February. The children take part in assemblies and class discussion. We focus on the safe use of the internet, different devices and technologies.


In the summer term we look at healthy use of technology and using age appropriate games. The children take part in an E-safety poster competition. 


On this page I have included a link to the parent guide to the internet. The guide includes advice and links to web pages to help you and your child use technology safely including how to set up parental controls and managing privacy on a variety of social media sites.

Below are links to various websites you can visit to learn more about E-Safety: